May Yoga asanas help you relieve constipation?

Yoga Trikonasana

Via Jen Reviews

In these stressful and hectic days constipation can become a common problem but…may Yoga technology help you with this?

Yogis already knew how to get relieved by the practice of some cleansing rituals (Shatkarma Kriyas) like Basti (cleansing of the colon) and the aid of Yoga asanas.

Asanas help in the following ways:

Massage of the digestive system

Increase of the blood circulation to digestive organs

Toning the digestivee organs mucles

Relieving stress

Increasing metabolism

Elimination of toxines

By the hand of Jen reviews we challenge to try some of these 14 asanas listed in her article and see the results. You can read it and see the pictures in the link below:

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