Yoga in the Way of Saint James: Get ready for your stage of "el Camino"!

Yoga en el Camino de Santiago. Esterilla de Yoga TwentyFourSeven YOGA MATS en la llegada a la Catedral de Burgos.

The Way of Saint James or “Camino de Santiago” is a unique experience that allows us to connect with ourselves, learn to be present in the moment, keep a daily routine more in sync with the rythm of nature, learn to leave aside superfluous things…It is also a demanding activity for our body. In our “Yoga en El Camino” clases we had the chance to share with our fellow pilgrims a quick routine, based in the yogic Sukshma Vyayam (subtle exercises) to get ready before our “camino” stage of the day. From TwentyFour Seven we want to share it with you all so more people can get benefited of it. Below you can find a video from our Yoga teacher José González explaining how to do it.