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The perfect game for your meetings

Sometimes we need an icebreaker or a simple game for a pause at a meeting. Sometimes we are just with a group of friends and do not know what to do to. Others we are wondering who should be the one paying the next lunch, or cleaning the dishes, to mention some examples.

Not long ago, in a salsa dancing gathering, I came across this game. I have to say I really loved it. It is fun and allows you to practice your mindfulness as it makes you physically and mentally engaged, so it is an example of Vihar, or "yogic recreation" (one of the four pillars of a balanced lifestyle).

Let me explain then, how to play this game, the game of "Hon don kia!"

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What I learnt of Yoga from my first day climbing

I have never been a good friend of heights. Ok, planes don't count. In a plane everything looks like a Google Maps picture, it almost doesn't feel real. You are comfortably seated, there is a double layer window...

My problem is when the height looks me in the eye,  when I can feel its breath on my face and the floor threatens me from tens of meters below... ok, maybe just few meters... but still...

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How to train the monkey mind?

Yogic meditation (Dhyana) implies an uninterrupted flow of attention and focus during a long period of time, so you cannot "meditate in a minute" properly speaking. However, the strategy explained by the Buddhist master Mingyur Rinpoche in this video for The Huffington Post, can be really helpful to start taking control of your mind through a busy day.

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